In this section you can find information about some of my works.

News (and older stuff)
"Type Case" in Frankfurt, Germany

9. June 2019
The exhibition "Digital Revolution" is in the DFF Frankfurt 4. June through 20. October 2019.


Next stop for "Type Case" in Beijing

22. March 2018
After a long down time "Type Case" is displayed at the WF CENTRAL in Beijing, China. The exhibition is open until 20. May 2018.


Digital Enhancement
Next stop for "Type Case" at the Tekniska museet, Stockholm

28. September 2014
The next station for the Digital Revolution exhibition is at the Tekniska museet in Stockholm, Sweden. From 25. October 2014 until 30. August 2015.


Tekniska museet
"Type Case" installation in a the Digital Revolution: Exhibition Publication

27. August 2014
The "Type Case" installation can be found on the pages 122 and 123 in the Barbican's "Digital Revolution: Exhibition Publication".
The next station for the installation to be seen, is in Stockholm, Sweden (25. October 2014 – 30. August 2015).


Digital Revolution
Barbican's Exhibition Publication pp. 122 – 123
Digital Revolution – 3 Jul - 14 Sep 2014

2. May 2014
The "Type Case" installation will be shown in Barbicans's Digital Revolution exhibition.
Digital Revolution is the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK.
This immersive and interactive exhibition brings together for the first time a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media. It also looks at the dynamic developments in the areas of creative coding and DIY culture and the exciting creative possibilities offered by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies and 3-D printing.
Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, UK

Ars Lieke 2014 – 8 Feb - 13 Apr 2014

7. February 2014
The "Memento Mori" installation is on display at the Kouvola Art Museum from 8.2. until the 13.4.2014 in the electronic art exhibition "Ars Lieke 2014".

New installation

27. February 2013
Memento Mori
Memento Mori

Memento Mori
Two new videos

October 2012
The very short video documentation of the "Computer Icons"


Digital Enhancement

…and a film of the "…moi non plus" installation.


Digital Enhancement
Solo exhibition: 28 Sep – 28 Oct 2012

30. October 2012
Thanks to all, who showed interest in my work at the KOUTA-galleria in the Kouvola Art Museum.

Exhibition opening
"Digital Enhancement" video online

28. February 2012
The short video documentation of the "Digital Enhancement" installation is online.


Digital Enhancement
fogli di plastica a bolle d'aria

10. October 2011
After the interactive audiovisual installation "fogli di plastica a bolle d'aria" was shown at the Kouvola Art Museum, it can be experienced in the Freies Museum Berlin for ten days 9. – 18. 10. 2011.

fogli di plastica a bolle d'aria
"Type Case" featured in a "A Touch of Code"

30. May 2011
The "Type Case" installation is featured in "A Touch of Code: Interactive Installations and Experiences" from the "Gestalten" Publisher.
I got a copy today and I love it

A Touch of Code
"Type Case" video online

26. October 2010
Some minutes ago, I uploaded a new video of my "Type Case" installation:


Type Case